Announcement of What’s Coming

I’ve subscribed for WordPress daily mail tutorials and at day fourteen, they recommended to create my own feature. And I’m willing to do that in case there is somebody who cares! I’m gonna talk about what I’ll share in this blog, how often I’m gonna update and stuff like that.

I started to blog cause mostly I want to join the amazing bloggers community. Second, it’s because that’s great to have my own corner at internet. And well there are also other benefits like my writing skills are going to get improved by time and so on.

I don’t want to set any kind of goals about updating my blog for my self but I think I’ll update it at least once a week. (Maybe daily) for me quality and honesty of content is the most important thing.

I’ll talk about different subjects. Anything. Everything! Whatever pops into my mind. Mostly about anxiety, depression, also about apps and technology stuff. Some stories in my life. I hope you enjoy reading them.

I know maybe this blog post is pointless but I just wanted to do things that they asked me at the WordPress tutorial. Stay beautiful 🙂