How to study more efficiently?

I myself am not a book guy! I might read like 2-3 books each year (Beside textbooks.) But recently I’ve discovered a technique that helps me study more. Have you ever heard of Pomotodo apps?

What they do is simply they are like timers which help you track your reading time. My suggestion is: take a short 5 minutes break after 20 minutes of studying. Then after 3 times of 20 min study, take a long break. For me 30 minutes of long break works well. But you can reduce it to 15 minutes. 

To do this you can simply use your phone’s timer or download a Pomotodo app. My favorite one is BeFocused. Here are some screenshots. 

study time

It’s a free app. You can download it for iOS and Android. There are also similar apps for windows phone. 

short break

Another tip to read lots of books.

You can set a goal for yourself. Like “I’m gonna read 20 pages each day.” Or less. Or more. I’ve learned these stuff from Thomas Frank. 

Thomas Frank is a YouTuber who I’ve discovered recently. He talks about study tips, how to stay motivated and a lot more. Click here to discover his blog. And from his blog you can access to his YouTube channel, podcasts, free book and much more. 


How to easily make habits?

Do you want to make habits? Ok! This was not a nice start to my blogpost! So I’m gonna go straight to subject. 

There is an app called “Today”. I’m using lots habit apps for a while and this is a really cool, easy to use, well designed app. And it’s free. If you want to get unlimited version you should page $4.99 but it’s just one time paying. It’s not monthly payment like other beautiful apps.

Every habit appears as a card. And it gives you statistics of your habits. It has reminders; of course you can deactivate reminders if you want. 

You can set daily , weekly, or monthly habits. I myself have set some habits like deep breath, 7 minutes workout, using Pharmaton everyday, recommending an article for my dad, and other habits. I’m also gonna add meditation habit because it helps me reduce my anxiety and stay calm. 

I think you’ll have fun discovering the app. Whatever you think, tell me in comments below. Thanks for your time:)

New app section

Since I’m in love with apps and I’m testing new ones every day, so I’ve decided to create an app section in my blog. I’ll write a brief explanation about new (or old) download-worthy apps.

I think apps can make our life better. Using new apps mean joining new community. This is true specially about social apps. New communities bring new experiences, teach new stuff and Maybe you’ll find new points of view and ideas. This is exciting and makes your time worth it.

You can find this section on the sidebar. Stay beautiful, Stay up-to-date!

Music, anxiety and some apps that help

For me, music has been a great mood changer! The more joyful happy songs from dance genre I listen to, the happier I get by time passing. But the question is how to find happy songs! I’m gonna talk about some free and paid ways of discovering music. But first, I should tell you something about lyrics.

Don’t think about lyrics! Focus on beats. When I’m focusing on lyrics and stupid (or not stupid) love stuff they are talking about, I remember those bad memories that I have in mind which are looking for a tiny little opportunity to come and stay right on top of my mind and suck me into depression again!

If you are native English speaker, then it’s maybe hard to ignore lyrics. So it might be a good idea to discover great songs in other languages that you are less familiar with. I’m not a native English speaker so it’s not a problem for me 😉

You can find any kind of music on any language here in the apps below. Most of them have both mobile and desktop apps. Online listening is free in most of them.


You may know this app. If yes, then skip. This is my favorite. I’ve also tried Apple Music and Microsoft Groove but this one is amazing. Spotify’s playlists are so cool that you’ll never get bored of. And they update their playlists regularly. They suggest you songs based on your previous songs as well.

You can use Spotify’s both free and paid version. In free version on mobile devices you can only skip 5 songs per hour but in desktop free version skipping is unlimited. I’d prefer paid version since I listen to music more than 5 hours a day!

If Spotify is not supported in your country, you can buy paid version using Spotify gift cards which if you search them online in your own language, I’m sure you’ll find them.

Apple Music

In case you’re wondering, this service is also available for Android devices. On paper, it has all of the features that Spotify has and one more: built-in lyrics support. Since I used both I’d rather Spotify and here are my reasons:

  • Playlists
  • Apple Music doesn’t have various playlists. There are just few. So if you get bored of a playlist, there is not much of a choice but in Spotify, there are plenty of playlists. Since users can add their playlists and it also shows other users’ playlists on music
    search bar, you’ll nearly never get bored.
  • They update their playlists more frequently than Apple Music does.
  • Apple Music’s “For You” section which recommends songs based on songs you have listened to, is not that much of a satisfaction.
  • Lyrics is not supported in most songs. Plus you can connect Musixmatch app to your current music service and enjoy its archive.

Other music streaming apps

Here I’m gonna name other apps that do pretty much the same thing in case you wanna checkout:

  • Google play
  • Microsoft Groove
  • Pandora
  • iHeart Radio

In the next posts I might suggest some more apps that will help you stay motivated, relaxed and live with less anxiety or suggest some communities that people with depression and anxiety disorders and share their experiences. Thanks for reading:)