What did I see in Urmia-Tabriz bus?

I get bored so easily. I usually can’t stand in one place for more than some seconds. I should change my position or move to other places. So as you can imagine, sitting still in a bus is a nightmare for me. 2.5 hours road not moving! So I decided to write what I see around here in order to distract myself.


She is a cute woman. I like her. She looks like 25 or something. If she was younger I’d totally want to be her boyfriend!

Next to me there is my cousin sitting. Well he is sleeping. So we can’t talk through the road.

I think this bus is so old. Even its sits don’t have handles. And it’s coolers are mostly not working.


There is another woman sleeping there. They are lucky they can sleep and suddenly open their eyes and woohoo! We arrived! I wish that was that easy for me.


And that’s outside of the window!


And for your information, writing didn’t work! I still can’t sit still!


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