What should my first YouTube video be about?

I want to be a famous YouTuber! Ok! That’s kinda legendary-like! But that’s not what I want. Actually, I want to start a YouTube channel and help out people with things I know well. I don’t do this because I’m a super nice person! No! I do it because it seems fun.
I like editing movies. Photoshopping the thumbnail. Speaking English infront of camera. Talking about stuff I’m good at. Boosting my confidence and have fun and enjoy all these stuff. Maybe to make new friends and well, drive more traffic to my blog. Cause honestly, I love my blogposts to get read. 

So I’m gonna post my first video and honestly idk what to make my first video about. So I came up with these ideas. Please help me out to choose one. 

1. Interduce myself (talk about my interests and who I am)

2. Interesting new apps 

3. Making a how to video

4. Explaining something about my anxiety 

5. Full tutorial of how to use some of famous apps


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