I was invited to a wedding party #Diary

I was invited to my best friend’s cosin’s wedding party. But their wedding was different from ours. Cause we speak different languages! So it was my first time that I was invited to such a wedding. I didn’t know what’s gonna happen. I didn’t know what is expected from me. Nothing at all because of different cultures. 

So we arrived at about 9 o’clock. The wedding was already started. Their culture is somehow different from ours as I said. At first, they do a Kurdish dance. It’s like everybody holds each other’s hands and they move around the whole place dancing. You need to know how to dance in their style. In order to do that, my friend has told me how. We have practiced for hours! But in the actual wedding, when we were dancing, I couldn’t complete it and I went out in the middle. Then I went outside of building, smoked while thinking “Did i do something wrong?!” “Why did I came out?” Then I answered myself “Because you were bored” “No, because you couldn’t dance.” “I could!” “No! You danced all wrong.” “Ok! Calm down! Nothing is wrong!” “Oh God! This is stressful! I’m gonna ruin the wedding.” And my cigarette was done. 

My friend, Kashef, showed up looking for me. I like him. He is kind. He has some issues. Like he can’t tell what he likes honestly. He is not honest at all but I know that’s not his choice. He can’t help it. I have not figured out what he thinks inside his mind when not being honest yet. But I’m sure he is a nice guy.

He told me “Why have you left?!” I left because… you know why I have left. Because I was too anxious to continue dancing. But I didn’t tell him that. He asked me: “Do you want to continue dancing?” I didn’t! But I also didn’t want to get home blaming myself why I didn’t control my anxiety. So I said “Yea. Let’s continue dancing!”

I went to dance with them. This time I was better. Ok! I just felt I was better. Maybe I was not. But that’s not important. The important thing is that I went there again. And I danced! Although I wanted to get home right away but I had no choice. So I stayed. 

The night turned out to be great. It was such an awesome wedding. I had so much fun then. And danced! Lol!


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