How to study more efficiently?

I myself am not a book guy! I might read like 2-3 books each year (Beside textbooks.) But recently I’ve discovered a technique that helps me study more. Have you ever heard of Pomotodo apps?

What they do is simply they are like timers which help you track your reading time. My suggestion is: take a short 5 minutes break after 20 minutes of studying. Then after 3 times of 20 min study, take a long break. For me 30 minutes of long break works well. But you can reduce it to 15 minutes. 

To do this you can simply use your phone’s timer or download a Pomotodo app. My favorite one is BeFocused. Here are some screenshots. 

study time

It’s a free app. You can download it for iOS and Android. There are also similar apps for windows phone. 

short break

Another tip to read lots of books.

You can set a goal for yourself. Like “I’m gonna read 20 pages each day.” Or less. Or more. I’ve learned these stuff from Thomas Frank. 

Thomas Frank is a YouTuber who I’ve discovered recently. He talks about study tips, how to stay motivated and a lot more. Click here to discover his blog. And from his blog you can access to his YouTube channel, podcasts, free book and much more. 


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