How to easily make habits?

Do you want to make habits? Ok! This was not a nice start to my blogpost! So I’m gonna go straight to subject. 

There is an app called “Today”. I’m using lots habit apps for a while and this is a really cool, easy to use, well designed app. And it’s free. If you want to get unlimited version you should page $4.99 but it’s just one time paying. It’s not monthly payment like other beautiful apps.

Every habit appears as a card. And it gives you statistics of your habits. It has reminders; of course you can deactivate reminders if you want. 

You can set daily , weekly, or monthly habits. I myself have set some habits like deep breath, 7 minutes workout, using Pharmaton everyday, recommending an article for my dad, and other habits. I’m also gonna add meditation habit because it helps me reduce my anxiety and stay calm. 

I think you’ll have fun discovering the app. Whatever you think, tell me in comments below. Thanks for your time:)


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