While blogging, there is more chance of self censorship 

I’m new to blogging. But there is one thing I want to keep sticking to and that’s not censoring myself. Writing whatever I want to. Telling whatever I like.

In Twitter, it’s easy. As I think about something, I tweet it. Done! The percentage of censorship is very low since the time for overthinking is less. But here there is a lot of time from having an idea to publishing it. So there is much more chance that I’ll censor my ideas for any possible reason.

Maybe I’ll censor it  because I don’t believe in it that much. Maybe I’ll censor it because I think I can’t protect my idea from criticism. Maybe I don’t think it’s rude at the moment but as I think at the procedure of publishing, I consider it as a rude idea and taboo of rudeness makes me leave the idea. Maybe, maybe, maybe… you get the point! The more time I have, the more chance of censorship.

Blogging is a great way to share your ideas, talk about them deeply and most importantly join a great huge community with lots of life changing ideas. But this censorship..! I honestly don’t know what to do with it!


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