Could I overcome my social anxiety disorder without professional help?

Could I overcome my social phobia without professional help? The answer is simply no! I’m not being pessimistic. I’m just writing my experiences. 

Me, as a social anxiety sufferer, I had issues. But the interesting thing was I had reasons for every dumb thing that i was doing. Say I was indecisive (You may want to read Katiereablog’s blog post about indecisiveness). What were my reasons? Not loosing my friends because of saying my decisions to them. Or what if I told my decision and they didn’t pay attention? I’d consider this as humiliation. 

Having reasons for my every single dumb habit, used to make me feel like a unique person. I thought that nobody thinks like me. Or maybe I simply couldn’t leave these reasons just because I was too weak. 

A great benefit of reading anxious people’s blog is that I realize how similar we are in different aspects. I don’t feel alone. I don’t feel that I’m unique and that might be good. Cause it makes me belong to a community where I can share my experiences and get help. 

After realizing that I’m not alone and there is an illness named for my situation, personality and behaviors, I was happy to get a professional help. Actually first I thought my doctor would mock me! And this is why I’m writing this blog post. 

We usually don’t get any professional help cause first, we think it’s not that important or cause we think everyone suffers from different levels of social anxiety. Second, we think we can solve them by ourselves. No! That’s not true! We may have some important improvements but we need to see a doctor. After I visited psychiatrist, I was wondering why I hadn’t visited a doctor earlier!


6 thoughts on “Could I overcome my social anxiety disorder without professional help?

      1. Thank you for the recommendation. I will try it though I never heard of it even though it is an old book. There are good reviews and the site seems good.
        My own social anxiety is not that bad due to CBT but I never stop learning about the condition.

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